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The 1stMentorshipGathering of Reserve Students & Apprentices of Printing Press Division
Release time:2019-08-24

On August 24, 2018, organized by the Human Resources Department of the Printing Press Division (PPD), the 1st Mentorship Gathering of Reserve Students &Apprentices of PPD was held in the training room on the third floor of the administrative building. It’s a move aiming at creating a better learning atmosphere, giving full play to the role of "passing on, helping and leading" of technical backbones, speeding up the pace of personnel training, clarifying the guiding responsibilities of tutors to reserve students, and achieving the goal of common progress of veterans and novices.

The meeting was presided over by Pan Honghua, Senior Manager of Corporate Culture of the Group's Human Resources Department.PPD General Manager Deng Yongjie, Group Human Resources Director Pan Shiyuan, Group Safety and Environmental Protection Director and Chairman of the Labor Union Gao Wenchen, Group Marketing Director Zou Guohai, Assistant General Manager of PPD Zhao Zhiqiong, and Cai Chuanyun, Deputy Minister of PPD Supply Chain Manufacturing Department, attended the event together with more than 30 mentors and apprentices, to witness the solemnity and charm of the mentorship etiquette and the long history of "craftsman" culture.

The speech delivered was full of the company's ardent hope

China, which boasts 5,000 years of civilization and known as a "state of ceremonies", has a long history of honoring the teacher and respecting their teaching as well as the mentorship ceremonies. The rituals of honoring teachers had appeared as early as the Zhou Dynasty. The ancients said, "thanks to parents who gave birth to me, thanks to my teachers who taught me". The mentorship ceremony is not only the embodiment of respect for teachers, but also the testimony of the bond between the teacher and their apprentices. With its great significance and far-reaching influences, this gathering was highly valued by company leaders and received enthusiastic support from colleagues.

At the beginning of the gathering, Cai Chuanyun, deputy minister of PPD Supply Chain Manufacturing Department delivered a warm speech in which he sent a message to the students and apprentices, reminding them to stay true to their original aspiration, respect mentors and learn diligently, and carry forward craftsmanship spirit of Dongfang Precision.

 Learning, asking and practicing are the methods of learning from teachers. Sincerity, carefulness and patience are the required attitude of teachers towards their apprentices; and growth, maturity and success are the aims of learning from teachers. Later, technician Fan Liexiang and reserve student Xia Liang from Manufacture Department I made a speech respectively at the ceremony as representatives of mentors and apprentices. Everyone present at the scene was moved by their earnestness and sincerity, and the atmosphere was pushed to a climax.

Mentorship etiquette and inheritance of the craftsmanship spirit

Daily life is full of passion and work becomes more meaningful, all because of the sense of ceremony. The purpose of this activity was to let the mentors and apprentices make progress together through a short and solemn ceremony, providing support and encouragement to each other in this ordinary work that goes round and round while allowing the skills of Dongfang Precision to be passed on.

Chanting Mentorship Essay in chorus, the apprentices promised in reverence to honor their mentors and go all out to seek advice modestly to become the elite of the skills they learned. Reading the Answering Students Essay, representatives from mentors solemnly promised to pass on all expertise they had mastered and to teach by precept and example. The bond between mentors and apprentices and the pursuit of excellence could speak for itself.

       The apprentices gave a formal salute, presented Mentorship Essay and offered tea to the mentors, which was solemn and warm, respectful and elegant, and won warm applause from the audience. In addition, the mentors gave them Answering Students Essay and Disciple Gauge in return, which meant that nothing could be accomplished without norms or standards. The purpose was to demand the apprentices to follow the teachings and inherit the fine spirit of “craftsmanship” of Dongfang Precision and finally excel their masters

In the end, Group Human Resources Director Pan Shiyuan made a concluding speech in which he spoke very highly of the event. Pan pointed out that the holding of the ceremony was not only a reflection of respect for knowledge and skills and an emphasis of the inheritance of “craftsmanship” spirit, but also a testimony to the company's implementation of the strategy of cultural lead. He urged all divisions and subsidiaries to carry out more activities with cultural themes and further improve the cultural guarantee mechanism, so as to continuously promote the integration and promotion of employees, and make active contribution to the building of the Dongfang family.