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Winning the Battle and Creating Brilliance in the Year of Dogs —— 2018 Parsun Spring Thanks Party
Release time:2019-02-12

Time flies. As 2017 slips away, we looked back on glory and harvest.  The year 2018 has come, and we are full of fighting spirit and hope. In the New Year, Parsun will be starting a new chapter with passion and challenge.

On the evening of February 12, 2018, Parsun New Year Thanks Party was held in the auditorium of RMADA Hotel. Over 100 people attending the event set off a carnival of dreams and harvest. Let’s take a look back at the wonderful evening!

Before entering the auditorium, employees and guests were requested to sign in.  Unlike the previous years, this year’s lottery was, under the unique arrangement of the preparatory group, carried out on an interactive platform using WeChat code scanning. Employees participated in the activity using their WeChat account as the only identity. All activities took place on this platform.

After the WeChat code scanning, participants WeChat accounts were displayed on the large screen, along with New Year greetings from employees. The party consisted of three parts: staff performance, live game and lucky draw.

The party started at 17: 30.The host opened the show with a master stoke: WeChat red-packet shower! To join in this, participants needed to follow the WeChat interactive platform! Got ready with the fingers on the screen since a great storm of red pocket would come to you! Everyone was busy grabbing their fortune; and those who failed to snatch one wouldn’t lose heart either since there were many more prizes waiting behind!

Next, Xia Jian, General Manager of Parsun extended cordial greetings and New Year blessings to all employees, as well as summarized Parsun’s performances in 2017, fully affirming its achievements and encouraging all employees to do better in 2018.

The staff of various departments brought performances in various forms, such as dance, singing, sketch and so on, which not only brought laughter to everyone, but also drew the hearts of colleagues closer to each other.

The dance "CiliCili", which was very popular on Tik Tok in 2017 was used as the opening dance.

Look, the sketch "New Year Greeting from Four Talented Women", though looking elegant, also involved dances.

The little lights in the darkness formed many different patterns, and that was "Hand Dance"!

Accompanying the tune “You carry the load and I lead the horse”, the Tang Monk's scripture-fetching team of 4 made a grand appearance in “Journey to the West”!

As the last and best play, colleagues from Nanjing brought us "Grand Chorus"!

The lottery links interspersed among the programs truly ignited the atmosphere of the auditorium and, in response to the employees' emotional interpretation, songs, applause and cheers rippled on the meeting place throughout the entire evening. The party climaxed multiple times, which embodied the joy and harmony of the large family of Parsun.

At the end of the evening, the staff voted on all the performances and picked the first prize, the second prize and the third prize. All the programs of the party were written, directed and performed by the employees, who celebrated with graceful dancing, melodious voices and vivid language to express their confidence in the future of the enterprise. We should express our gratitude for the efforts of the preparatory group of the annual meeting; the party wouldn’t have been such a success without them.

Facing the brand-new 2018, we are full of hope and passion, and we will always be true to our original aspiration and build a dream to sail far away. Wish the company a prosperous future and a brighter future! Let the slogan ring out again: Invincible Parsun, forever victory!